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I love the look of the original movie "COMING TO AMERICA".

And I want to use that 80’s aesthetic of a warm and grainy film look of 35mm. While it will give us nostalgic feelings yet the cinematography will look super fresh and contemporary, we will use unusual camera moves and will combine them with seamless CGI transitions. In addition, I want to use sets and locations similar to the OG movie.



The main idea of the video is based on the dream sequence of the restaurant employee who wants to be a king. With tricky camera techniques we will stitch those scenes into one story which will get its own twist towards the end.



The video starts from the miniature of an African jungle. Camera flies above the trees (the same as in the movie opening). When the verse starts, we see on the horizon the very huge Bobby Sessions face, he looks like a god compared to his environment.

Camera cuts to the wide shot, and we understand that it was a jungle miniature on the table, Bobby looks on it and starts his royal morning routine, several women help him to get dressed. Bobby performs his verse.



Camera flies around the corner and suddenly the location changes.


Bobby Sessions stands in the same place but everything else is changed to a familiar McDowell's restaurant, he is an employee in a familiar uniform who dreams of being a King. Bobby is washing dishes, in the background we see an Akeem's Employee of the Month photo.

It will be so freaking cool to have Louie Anderson in the video, giving some sort of advice to Bobby. We can cut the song and have little dialogue, this will add a cinematic feel to the video.

Cut back.


Bobby performs his verse and moves the sponge on the plate. 


Beautiful maids wash his back with sponges in the royal bathroom. Bobby keeps performing.

After the next camera move we change the location to the shitty place in Queens that Akeem used to live in.  


Bobby can be in a jacuzzi like Arsenio Hall's character, performing the hook. The iconic Soul-Glo Ad on the background. We can re-shoot the Ad, but this time with Bobby Sessions playing a curly-pretty-boy like Eddie Murphy playing other characters in the movie.



Bobby walks through the streets of Queens at night, giant displays are standing next to him. Bobby dresses as himself but once he approaches the displays, he instantly transforms into different images of the Prince Akeem from the original film (of course with rose petals underfoot).


I want Bobby to walk along the real Queens street near the locations famous from the movie (same restaurant, barbershop, hotel). But we can shoot it in the studio too. I also want to see a few minor characters from the original film — they will try to interact with Bobby (a street dealer with gold toothbrushes, a barber, a taxi driver, and others).


A vintage Rolls Royce limousine and police on the bikes approaches the screen and literally comes out of it and suddenly changes to a brand new.


We see Bobby performing as a limousine drives by. The limousine keeps going and going —  it is very long, it seems that it is almost endless.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 8.27.03 PM.png

Split screen, on one side is the vintage Rolls Royce limo, on other side brand new Rolls Royce from 2021.





The limousine finally stopped. Door opens, closeup of the ground, we see roses are falling down, and beautiful feets are stepping out of the car. Cut to the wide shot — it's Megan Thee Stallion.

She walks towards the camera and now her dress seems endless, it just keeps going out of the car. 

animation (4).gif

We cut to a wheel spinning on the rose petals.

Petals are flying out of the wheel.


Megan walks down the street to a large king's palace, which was suddenly sandwiched between the simple houses of Queens. There is a dancing crowd around the palace.
Megan’s servant opens doors for her and throws rose petals at her feet.

Megan walks through the long hall towards the throne on which Bobby sits like the king. Megan walks up to Bobby, he gets up from his throne. He is mesmerized by Megan's movements. Here she is — the real Queen he wants so much. But...



We hear the last lines of the song and we cut to McDowell’s Megan in casual clothes and the dumbfounded Bobby, who stands near the cash register and looks at her without blinking.

We hear the silence and sounds of the restaurant. Megan takes a burger and a glass of cola from Bobby’s hands, looks at Bobby like he's crazy. And hands him the cash.

Bobby looks at the cash, disappointed and confused.

WTF it's a Zamunda dollar. And.. Bobby’s face is on it!

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